Heat Or Ice for Plantar Fasciitis

Heat Or Ice for Plantar Fasciitis

Severe heel or foot ache, and also soreness and irritation of such fascia, that tight strip of tissue that runs along the sole of your foot as well as links the heel bone towards your toes, are all symptoms of plantar fasciitis. You understand that walking around afterward will help your plantar fasciitis discomfort. But … Read more

Graston Technique for Plantar Fasciitis

Graston Technique for Plantar Fasciitis

The Graston technique is a non-invasive treatment for soft-tissue injuries, especially when inflammation is present. It helps with arch pain and breaks up adhesions in the damaged and inflamed arch. This technique also improves blood flow and encourages healthy tissue regeneration. Keep reading to understand the Graston technique better, its benefits, and how it works. … Read more

Does Compression Socks Help Gout?

Does Compression Socks Help Gout

Does compression socks help gout? Compression socks can treat gout, which is caused by poor blood circulation. It also helps to reduce pain and swelling.  Gout is a type of arthritis characterized by redness and swelling on the side of the big toe. You may also experience symptoms like tender sensations when touching the affected … Read more

Can Sciatica Cause Heel Pain?

Can Sciatica Cause Heel Pain

From your spinal column, a number of nerve roots descend to your knees and stop at your feet. Foot discomfort can arise when the neural roots of such nerve roots are inflamed or squeezed as they depart the vertebrae. A neural compression in your pelvis, knees, or feet can potentially cause painful symptoms. Here we’ll … Read more

Are Crocs Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

Are Crocs Good for Plantar Fasciitis

Crocs are supposed to become a very relaxed, open footwear that allows the feet to breathe freely. As a result, they have always had the potential to be extremely beneficial to persons struggling with a variety of conditions. A question asked is, “are crocs good for plantar fasciitis?” The footwear was intended originally for people who … Read more