How To Wear Ankle Support With Socks?

How To Wear Ankle Support With Socks? Make sure to wear an athletic sock since it prevents the accumulation of moisture and sweat. You can wear the ankle support over your socks or wear the socks over the ankle support. 

Ankle support is used to relieve pain and help rehabilitate an injury. You can also use it to prevent injury.           

Should you wear ankle support under or over socks? (How To Wear Ankle Support With Socks)

Ankle support can be worn in different ways. You can wear it under or over your socks. You should be careful in choosing ankle support to ensure enough room above the ankle. 

With this, you can move your toes freely. There’s no pressure on your toes and other parts of your body. It is also important to consider foot problems to get the ankle support that suits your needs. 

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What are the best shoes for ankle support?

Ankle support is essential to avoid further injuries. The following are some shoes that are excellent for ankle support. 

1. Sneakers

You can choose sneakers if you have an injured foot. This type of shoe is moderately rigid but flexible for slight movements. 

2. Shoes with laces

Shoes with laces are a good option since they offer leverage and extra space. In addition, you can also adjust the laces to adjust their tightness while closing or opening. 

If you have a severe or big injury, you can leave it open. 

3. Oversized shoes 

If you feel uncomfortable with the shoes mentioned above, you can wear oversized shoes. With this, you can wear it over your ankle support.

Wearing oversized shoes allow you to put and remove your foot in the shoe. 

Do high-tops good for your ankles? 


Some think that high-top shoes are good for the ankles since they can prevent the ankles from injury. However, the high-tops may not harm your ankle, but it is not similar to ankle support when it comes to support.

What are the shoes you should avoid for your ankles? 

You should avoid shoes that can further your injury. For example, you should prevent rigid shoes when wearing ankle braces. 

You should also not wear too stiff shoes, which can worsen your ankle injury. On the other hand, flexible shoes that don’t offer support for ankle braces are not advisable. 

How to wear your shoes over ankle support? 

You can follow the steps below to wear shoes over your ankle support. 

1. Remove the strap 

First, you should remove the strap of the ankle support. 

2. Put the bottom strap in the shoe

You should put the bottom part of the ankle support under the insole. Place the strap properly since you will wear it all day. 

3. Insert your foot into the shoe

Make sure to be careful in this step. Insert your foot inside the shoe slowly. 

The placement of the ankle support should not be disturbed. If you have a lace shoe, you can adjust its tightness. Then, secure it to the top strap of your ankle support. 

What are the conditions that may need ankle support? 

You may use ankle support for the following conditions.

1. Chronic instability

If you get multiple sprains, it can lead to chronic ankle instability. You may need ankle support to keep your foot from turning or rolling to the side. 

2. Sprains

A sprain is the most common ankle injury. In this condition, your foot is in an unnatural position. It will make the ligaments or soft tissues tear or stretch. 

The healing time can depend on the severity of your injury. Ankle support can secure your ankle as it heals. It can also reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain. 

3. Stress fractures

Overuse and repetitive activities can result in ankle stress fractures. It involves tiny cracks in your bones that cause tenderness and pain. 

4. Achilles tendonitis

The Achilles tendon can be damaged through overuse and repetitive motions. It connects your calf muscles to your heel bone. 

Achilles tendonitis can also lead to ligament tears. Wearing ankle support can reduce the pain and ankle strain. 

5. Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a condition where there is inflammation in the band of tissues connecting the toes to the heel bones. An ankle brace can lower swelling and help recover your injury. 

What are some tips on putting on ankle support? 

The following are some tips on how to put your ankle support: 

1. Choose the right size of your ankle support

You should have the right size of ankle support to ensure proper blood circulation. 

2. Get the right shoes

It is important to wear shoes with your ankle support to reduce the risk of further injury. However, you should remember not to wear too tight shoes since it can impede your recovery. 

Experts recommend sneakers with laces since you can lose or tighten them easily. So you can have a comfortable motion range. 

It is best to get shoes with laces that are made from elastic materials. You should also avoid wearing high-heeled shoes that can cause pain. 

3. Clean your ankle support 

Even though you have breathable ankle support, you should clean it. So, it will not accommodate unpleasant smells and bacteria. 

4. Just take it easy 

Regardless of your injury, you should take it easy. With this, you should give your foot time to heal to enjoy your regular activities again. 

5. Never wear your ankle support longer than necessary

Make sure not to wear your ankle support longer than what’s recommended. It can lead to chronic instability and may weaken your ligaments if overused. 

You can wear ankle support during your sports activities if you’re an athlete. Luckily, a study revealed that it doesn’t affect speed, performance, and agility. 

By applying these tips, you can experience the best results with your ankle support. Do You want to know Can You Hurt Something In Your Ankle from Stomping, then read out this guide on the link.


Generally, you should wear athletic socks with your ankle support. It can also depend on the ankle support on how you can wear it.  Wearing the right shoes is essential to avoid and heal ankle injuries. If you want to buy the best shoes for a foot injury, check our post. 

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