How To Get Rid Of Wide Feet?

There are many ways of “how to get rid of wide feet”. These include performing foot exercises, wearing proper footwear, and surgical procedures. 

Wide feet are among the foot conditions that can bring you discomfort. If not given immediate action, it may lead to other foot problems. So, it is better to consult your doctor to get rid of wide feet.       

Although wide feet are a source of discomfort in your foot, it doesn’t mean you must avoid wearing your favorite shoes or hide them. There are many solutions to get rid of this foot condition. Continue reading. 

What are the causes of wide feet?

It is a fact that feet come in various sizes and shapes. The following are the causes of wide feet. 

What are the causes of wide feet

1. Age 

As you age, the tendons and ligaments in your body may loosen a bit. It can make your foot grow wider and longer. 

2. Genetics 

Some individuals are born with wider feet. Those with a flat fleet can be prone to this foot condition. 

3. Foot deformities 

Your feet can become wider if you develop deformities, including calluses, bunions, or hammer toes. 

4. Swelling

Edema, a medical term for swelling, can widen your feet. The swelling could be temporary if the problem were treated. Swelling can occur due to injuries, health conditions, specific medication, and fluid retention. 

5. Pregnancy

The pregnancy hormone, relaxin, may loosen the joints and ligaments around your feet. So, pregnant women may develop larger and wider feet, especially in the second and third trimesters. 

6. Improper footwear

Another cause of wide feet is wearing improper footwear. It can result in foot deformities. 

How to eliminate wide feet? (How To Get Rid Of Wide Feet)

Getting rid of wide feet is possible. You can consider the following methods. 

1. Wear proper footwear 

In case you have genetic wide feet, one of the best ways you can do it is to wear comfortable and well-fitted shoes. You can prefer orthopedic shoes that feature removable insoles to facilitate your feet’ extra width. 

You can get shoes with a wide-toe box. With this, your feet can relax and sink comfortably.

If you suffer from foot bunion, prevent using closed-in shoes as much as possible. It is essential to wear shoes with proper air circulation and adjustable straps. 

2. Surgical procedures

You can get rid of wide feet through surgical procedures. The most common procedure is foot-narrowing surgery, also called as Cinderella procedure. 

It may include removing your entire toe knuckle or pushing the bones back. If you don’t want cosmetic surgery, you can choose less painful methods to reduce the size of your foot. 

3. Foot exercises

You can perform foot exercises to relieve the pain if you have wide feet caused by a bunion. As you flex and stretch your toes, your joints and muscles can be trained to keep the healthy shape of your foot. 

Daily stretching can help remove the painful pressure caused by your wide feet. 

What are the foot problems that can be associated with your wide feet? 

Having wide feet can be uncomfortable. It is because you may wear shoes that don’t properly fit your feet. 

Wide feet can also result in pain and other deformities, including the following:

1. Calluses

Too much pressure on your skin because of tight shoes can result in corn and calluses. 

2. Bunions

This condition is the enlargement of tissue or bone around your joint at the base of your big toe. Once it grows, it can make the big toe turn towards the second toe. It can result in pain and swelling. 

3. Hammertoe

It was a toe that curls up instead of lying flat. 

4. Crossover toe

Your toes may cross over each other if squeezed too tight in your shoes. 

How to get the best-fitted shoes for wide feet? 

Getting shoes that fit well to your feet is important to get rid of your wide feet. The following are some essential tips you can follow. 

1. Measure 

The first thing is to measure your foot. Remember that your foot size may change, so have it measured. 

2. If your feet come in different lengths 

If you have feet of different lengths, get shoes that can fit your bigger foot. Getting shoes with a removable insole where you can place an orthotic device is also good. 

3. Ensure that your toes don’t cramped

You should also ensure your toes don’t feel cramped when trying shoes. It is also better to check the depth and shape of the toe box. A square, deep toe box is usually the best for foot deformities or wide feet. 

How to make your shoes less painful if you have wide feet? 

If you want to reduce the pain while wearing shoes with your wide feet, you can use a shoe stretcher. It can widen your shoes to increase comfort. 

Get the style that suits your needs, including stretchers for heels, bunions, boots, or dress shoes. You can add an insole to your smaller foot to keep up with the difference. 

How to make your feet appear narrow? 

It can be challenging to make your foot appear narrower if you have wide feet. It is not advisable to wear tight, narrow shoes since it can make the problem worse. 

If you have flat arches, you can use special insoles to make your feet look thinner while it offers support. You can reduce swelling or lose weight to keep your feet narrower. 

When should you see a doctor? 

You should see a doctor if you feel foot pain that doesn’t go away. A podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon can identify the cause of the discomfort. They can also advise you on the best solutions to fix your foot problem. 

You may need to see an expert in your condition if you have wide feet due to swelling. The swelling can be due to diabetes, heart problems, pregnancy, or kidney problems. 

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You can follow the steps mentioned in this article if you feel discomfort and pain with your wide feet. It is also essential to wear the proper shoes to avoid other foot problems. 

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