How to Relieve Foot Pain from Standing All Day?

How to Relieve Foot Pain from Standing All Day? You can relieve foot pain from standing all day by soaking your feet in salt water, massaging your feet with a tennis ball, wearing proper shoes, elevating your foot, stretching, and more.   

Many jobs today may require you to stand all day. If your job puts you on your feet most of the time, you may develop foot pain at the end of the day. Fortunately, there are many ways to relieve foot pain from standing all day.                     

How to Relieve Foot Pain from Standing All Day? (Different Ways) 

There are many ways to ease your foot pain if you work on your feet. These include the following.

1. Stretch 

Stretching can help for relieving tension in your lower half. Bend down and reach your toes. You can also squat on the floor with your ankles lifted for calf and ankle stretch while your knees are on your chest. 

2. A tennis ball or foam roll 

You can use a tennis ball or foam roll under your foot to reduce pain. Roll the ball back and forth. The pressure will let your muscles lengthen and stretch. 

3. Elevate your foot 

As you get home after a hard-working day, you can lay on your sofa with your feet up. It can provide your lower body with proper circulation. 

4. Soaking your feet 

You can soak your feet in a tub of hot water. You can also add essential oils and Epsom salt. Then, sit and relax. 

The Epsom salt’s magnesium can help to reduce muscle tension. The essential oils like chamomile or lavender can relieve stress and relax your feet. 

5. Have some massage 

You can have some massage to relieve your foot pain from standing all day. Chiropractors can give you massage therapy that can reduce lower limb fatigue. 

6. Compressing your calves 

You may invest in compression socks to relieve the pain in your foot. It helps to enhance proper circulation. Make sure not to use too tight compression socks. 

7. Wear proper-fitting shoes

Another way to relieve your foot pain is by wearing properly fitted shoes. You can seek help from your podiatrist to get the right shoes to reduce the stress and pain in your foot. 

You should wear shoes that fit your feet well. It should have excellent heel and arch support. Your heel should fit it without slipping, and the ball of the foot needs to fit the widest part of your footwear. 

8. Practice good posture 

It is also essential to consider your posture. Thus, poor posture can result in injury and pain in your knees, heels, feet, and back. It can be worsened by an imbalance of tension and strength in your muscles. 

9. Take anti-inflammation medicine 

You can also take an anti-inflammatory drug like naproxen and ibuprofen. It can help to reduce the inflammation and pain in your foot. 

10. Use a plastic bottle filled with frozen water

You can also place a plastic bottle of frozen water under your feet. Roll it for 15 to 20 minutes. The cold can help to alleviate the inflammation and pain. 

What will happen if you stand all day? 

What will happen if you stand all day

If you stand for prolonged periods, your feet may hurt. Even if you have quality footwear, you may still feel sore. 

In addition to foot pain, you can also have swollen ankles, feet, and calves. Lower body circulation works hard if you keep standing, causing aching and swelling. 

Your lower limbs can also be tired easily, which is called lower limb fatigue. Study also suggests that standing all day can affect your health negatively. 

For sure, you don’t want to give up your standing job, so the best solution is to practice proper foot care at home. 

When should you see a podiatrist? 

You should see your podiatrist if the foot pain doesn’t get better. They can help you with the best solutions to alleviate foot pain after frequent standing. 

What are some tips to lower the effects of standing all day? 

You can consider these tips to reduce the effects of standing all day. 

1. Elevate your feet during your break time 

During your break time at work, try to elevate your feet for about 10 to 15 minutes. It can help to improve circulation. You can also elevate your feet before going to bed and after your work. 

2. Walk if you have a chance 

You may walk a bit to make your muscles work differently. It can also stimulate circulation, which can relieve foot pain. 

3. Wear custom foot orthotic or arch supports 

You can support your feet with an orthotic. With this, your legs and feet keep proper alignment. 

4. Wear comfortable shoes

Wearing stable and comfortable shoes is essential if you have a standing job. It should fit properly for width and length and give your feet enough room to avoid swelling. 

Why is foot care important?

Foot care is essential if you have a standing job. Standing all day can lead to foot pain. If not given proper treatment, it may lead to swelling and foot pain. 

So, you better visit your podiatrist if your foot pain doesn’t get better. You should also practice foot care to avoid leg and back pain. 

Make sure to practice good posture and proper foot care to enjoy a quality and happy life. Frequent foot pain can be developed into worse foot conditions which may affect your performance in your daily activities. 

Therefore, you should seek the help of your doctor to maintain healthy and strong feet. If you keep standing all day, try to sit or change your position. 

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If your job keeps you standing all day, remember that you can be prone to foot pain. With this, you should care for your health and body to avoid different foot conditions. You can apply the tips mentioned in this article to relieve foot pain if you work on your feet.  If you want to buy shoes to relieve foot pain, you can check our article about the best shoes for standing all day. Wearing the proper shoes is crucial to reducing foot pain after standing for an extended period. 

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