How Much Epsom Salt for Foot Bath?

When drawing a foot bath, it’s recommended to use at least half a cup of Epsom salt in a small tub of warm water, enough to soak and cover your feet. If you’ve drawn water in an average-sized bathtub, adding 2 cups of Epsom salt is suggested. If you have dry skin on your feet, it will help to use only half of that amount.

Would you like to know How Much Epsom Salt for Foot Bath is used? Remember that the amount of Epsom salt you need will depend on the type of foot spa you will be having. There’s no doubt that a relaxing Epsom foot bath provides many benefits that have led people for years to make soaking their feet in the tub a routine.

Epsom salt baths are good for relaxing and detoxing the body, not to mention it has essential minerals like magnesium.

What is Epsom salt?

Epsom derives its name from the English town of Epsom in the country of Surrey. It’s the common name for the chemical compound magnesium sulfate. This salt is made up of oxygen, sulfur, and magnesium and is different from your average salt.

It’s called salt because of its chemical structure and formation. The taste is bitter and extremely not palatable. Nonetheless, some people dissolve this salt in water and drink it, as it’s assumed to be a home remedy for some ailments like fibromyalgia.

Anecdotal evidence and limited studies show that Epsom salt baths could relieve skin conditions and inflammation. Some experts have discovered magnesium could penetrate the skin through the hair follicles.

Nonetheless, sweat glands and hair follicles only account for about one percent of the skin’s surface. Therefore, the clinical relevance of transdermal absorption is questionable.

Still, that is promising news because feet often feel symptoms that Epsom salts might treat, such as:

  • odor
  • fungal infections
  • dry, cracked skin
  • soreness
  • swelling

Does Epsom salt have healing properties?

Remember that magnesium is a mineral the body needs to function properly. It’s important for many organ systems, including the nerves and the muscles.

The concept behind Epsom salt foot baths is that the magnesium sulfate will infiltrate the skin, and support nerve health, muscles, and the skin.

How much Epsom salt should you put in your foot spa? (How Much Epsom Salt for Foot Bath)

You can use one cup of Epsom salt and two to three quarts of warm water for a foot bath.

If you plan to have a larger foot bath, you can utilize 200 grams of Epsom salt bath for every gallon of water.

For a quick fifteen to twenty minutes bath, you can use at least 600 grams o salt. That’s helpful for ingrown toenails, sore muscles, and constipation.

Finally, for a long thirty to sixty minutes bath, you can use 400 grams of Epsom salt. That helps relieve stress and anxiety.

What are the benefits of Epsom salt for the feet?

There are limited studies to support Epsom salt for feet. Nonetheless, most people utilize it to ease foot problems, including infections, odor, swelling, and pain.

Since it’s a low-risk therapy for many people, it does not hurt to try it.

1. Foot odor

Our feet can get stinky after a long day in hot and tight shoes. Epsom salt foot baths are a good treatment for smelly feet, as they can dry and clean feet.

That also makes Epsom salt baths a great way to stop foot odor.

2. Swollen feet

Swollen feet are a typical issue among most people. They may happen from exercising, standing on your feet all day, wearing inadequate footwear, or injuries. It can also happen because of health conditions such as pregnancy, arthritis, and circulation.

There’s little proof to back it up, but proponents claim that Epsom salts drag out toxins and minimize swelling. Many people use it for foot baths and find it relaxing relief for swollen and tired feet.

3. Infection

An athlete’s foot is a fungal infection of the feet. It happens when the feet get sweaty and hot and can become a breeding ground for infection.

Did you know that Epsom salt foot baths can be useful for relaxing athletes’ feet and support in healing toenail fungus? Epsom salt doesn’t treat any fungal infection, but it could help keep the feet dry and clean, which is vital for recovery.

That’s why Epsom salt can be good preventive therapy. But remember that these salts aren’t a substitute for antifungal treatments. If you’re suffering from fungal infections on your toenails or feet, consult with a doctor immediately to get proper medical treatment.

How should I bathe your feet with Epsom salts?

For an efficient Epsom salt foot bath, you’ll need to use two cups of Epsom salt per gallon of water. You won’t reap the full benefits of the foot bath if you use too little.

Run the water, so it’s warm, and fill up the container you plan on soaking your feet with the salts already inside. Running warm water over the salts will help them dissolve rapidly and fully.

Now, soak your feet immediately while the water is warm for maximum efficiency. You can leave your feet in it soaking for about twenty minutes. Remember that warm water helps ease the pain and opens up the pores for maximum absorption.

Once the water has cooled down, you can remove your feet from the water.

Is Epsom salt safe to use?

Epsom salts are considered safe. Nonetheless, if you are experiencing skin conditions, you must prevent soaking your feet in these salts until you consult your healthcare provider. These conditions include:

  • skin infections
  • open wounds
  • burns

People often use Epsom salts as a laxative to treat constipation. Nonetheless, you should not ingest Epsom salts only if you’re under the supervision and advice of a doctor.

Be careful to take these salts internally if you have kidney disease, are experiencing vomiting or nausea, or are on a magnesium-restricted diet.

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Final thoughts

As long as you don’t have broken skin, skin infections, or burns, you can use Epsom salts in a foot bath along with warm water. Soak your feet there for at least fifteen to twenty minutes.

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