How Long to Soak Feet in Epsom Salt?

How Long to Soak Feet in Epsom Salt? It is recommended to soak your feet in an Epsom salt bath for at least 15 to 20 minutes. You can also soak your feet in warm water with Epsom salt for ten minutes to eliminate body toxins. You can do this at least three times per week.

After a tiring day, it can feel great to soak your tired, aching, or sore feet. Epsom salt is used in different ways, as a beauty aid, a laxative, or even in the garden. The grandparents of previous generations praised its healing properties.

What is an Epsom salt?

Epsom salt looks the same as table salt, but its components are very different: magnesium sulfate.

Keep in mind that magnesium plays a role in several bodily functions, such as keeping the blood pressure normal while sulfate cleanses the liver, among many things.

There has been no conclusive research, but it has been recommended that magnesium sulfate can be absorbed through the skin through an Epsom salt bath, offering the body many health benefits.

Do Epsom salt foot baths help with plantar fasciitis? (How Long to Soak Feet in Epsom Salt)

Plantar fasciitis is a condition categorized by inflammation and pain originating from the heel and the foot’s sole. The plantar fascia is responsible for keeping the foot’s arch when placed under weight and offers shock absorption when the foot strikes the ground.

The causes of this condition can be caused by extended periods of standing, altered foot biomechanics, and insufficient support from footwear or shoes.

Plantar fasciitis can be treated with different home remedies. By minimizing the cortisol levels in the bodies of people with extreme stress, you can also lessen inflammation and subsequent pain experienced in the feet.

Epsom salts support healing the skin of the foot, getting rid of bacteria, and many also offer relief from conditions like gout.

What are the health benefits of Epsom salt?

The benefits of Epsom salt were sought many years ago. Its beneficial properties work in soothing and relaxing the mind, body, and soul. Soaking your foot and body in a tub of Epsom salt after a tiring and long day eases a lot of stress-related concerns.

Here are some of the health benefits of Epsom salt bath:

1. It soothes the skin

Dead skin cells can get collected, and that builds up over time in a specific area, making it look dry and rough. Epsom salt bath softens the skin and makes it simpler to remove accumulated dead skin cells.

It can help also soothe irritated and dry skin. While others claim Epsom salt may relieve psoriasis and eczema, it’s best to consult your healthcare provider before using it to treat any skin conditions.

2. It eases sore muscles

You feel better and relaxed after taking an Epsom salt bath because it can relieve sore muscles. People with inflammatory conditions like gout, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis are considered to have discovered relief with the use of Epsom salt.

Also, magnesium helps the body eliminate all the toxins responsible for causing inflammation. It can also minimize pain, stiffness, swelling and even heal cuts. Making an Epsom salt foot bath a part of your weekly routine can benefit the body and the skin.

Do Epsom salt foot baths help the feet?

There are different ways that Epsom salt can ease the pain in the feet, such as:

  • It can ease symptoms of other painful or inflammatory disorders affecting the feet like arthritis or gout
  • It lowers bacterial and fungal growth on the toenails and feet
  • It improves circulation in the feet, supports healing, and can help in stopping blood clots
  • It improves muscle and nerve function
  • It lessens pain and inflammation in the feet
  • It lessens stress and supports relaxation that can lessen inflammation in the body

How should you prepare a foot bath with Epsom salts?

Preparation is needed for this home remedy. To dissolve it, you can add two tablespoons of Epsom salt to a one-quart of warm water. Ensure the water is not too hot before soaking your feet in the bath, as that may scald them.

Do you have skin conditions that may trigger nerve damage and altered foot sensation? Before putting your feet in the foot bath, make sure you test the water temperature first.

Check your foot for any blisters and use the proper foot soaking methods.

If you’re planning a full-body soak, add a larger amount of Epsom salt to your warm water. The effects of salt and warm water will support in lowering inflammation and pain in the joints and muscles.

You can put your feet in the tub of lukewarm water for at least 20 minutes. Sit in a comfortable chair, listen to music or read your favorite book. You can follow that up by rubbing your feet with a pumice stone to remove dead skin cells.

After you wipe your feet with a clean towel, mix a few drops of essential oils with your foot cream or body lotion and massage your feet. It will help if you prevent stepping out or walking too much after for best results.

Should runners take Epsom salt foot baths?

Most runners take Epsom salt baths to get rid of any running-related body aches and pain. They are more likely to suffer from inflammation, swelling, muscle aches, and pains, among other problems. Fortunately, Epsom salt baths are popular to help with those.

Many people also believe that Epsom salt baths have other benefits, such as relieving stress and preventing headaches.

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Final thoughts

Research is currently limited on the efficacy of Epsom salts, but it indicates the skin may absorb magnesium. Potential benefits of Epsom salt foot baths include lowered inflammation, minimized itching, and reduced pain.

The risk of using these foot baths is minimal. For most people, it may be worth a try. However, there are rare cases when it is best to avoid using a foot soak, like if you’re suffering from diabetes or has open sores on the feet.

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