Can A Chiropractor Fix Duck Feet?

Can a chiropractor fix duck feet? Yes, a chiropractor can help fix duck feet through chiropractic adjustments. You can also perform exercises to correct this condition. 

Your feet can affect the rest of your body. If you observe that your feet point out, you have duck feet.          

This condition increases the risk of pains in your body parts in the future. You should take immediate action to prevent it from getting worse. 

Leaving duck feet untreated can result in other problems. So, you should address the issue to avoid the risks that it may bring to your health. 

In this article. We will discuss how a chiropractor fixes duck feet and other solutions to treat this condition. Read more. 

What is a duck feet? 

Duck feet, also called ‘out-toeing,’ is a condition wherein your feet turn outward when you’re walking. The condition may add stress to your surrounding ligaments and joints, which can develop into injuries like plantar fasciitis. 

Your glutes muscles and lower leg can be shut off in a duck-footed position. Your muscles may become immobile and tight from disuse.

There are also instances that duck feet are due to congenital disabilities. It is commonly caused by a formation in the bones of your pelvis, which makes your feet turn inward or outward. Don’t worry because it is a rare condition, and most torsional deformities can correct themselves. 

Do you have duck feet? If yes, you need to be checked by a health professional. 

How can a chiropractor fix duck feet?

A chiropractor can make adjustments to correct duck feet. They can also advise you to perform muscle strengthening exercises to fix this condition. With that, you can walk and stand more normally. 

How can duck feet affect your body? 

Duck feet can cause instability in other parts of your body. You should fix it before further health issues can occur. Here’s how to duck feet can impact your body. 

1. Ankle stability 

As your feet face outward, the loosened ligaments outside your ankles reduce support. It has a tendency that your ankle will be injured. 

2. Shock absorption 

Your feet can absorb shock while walking, jumping, or running. If your feet are not in natural alignment, ligaments can be shortened or lengthened. So, your feet may not function well as they should. 

3. Glutes problems 

The feet condition can also affect the muscles in your buttocks. It can lower glutes stability, placing more pressure on your lower back. 

4. Knee stability 

Your ankle has a ligament attached to its bone which stabilizes the outside of your knee. Once that ligament becomes stretched out from an incorrect foot position, you can also lose stability in your outer knee. 

What are home treatments for duck feet? 

What are home treatments for duck feet?

Mild duck feet can be fixed with the following treatments. 

1. Orthotic inserts 

Using orthotic inserts can lift and support the arch of your foot. It can stabilize the heel and enhance alignment. 

2. Retraining your stance 

You should be aware of how you position your feet while standing or walking. It can reduce out-toeing. 

3. Exercising and stretching 

Mild duck feet can be treated by exercises that can stretch your hips and hamstrings. You can try wall stretching, tennis ball roll, and piriformis stretch. 

Stretching about 20 minutes daily can prevent muscle stress or soreness. Foot and leg stretches for plantar fasciitis are also beneficial in treating duck feet. 

4. Massage 

You can also try massage to relax your tight muscles and address the soreness caused by changing your gait. 

What are medical treatments for duck feet? 

A doctor can recommend the following treatments for duck feet. 

1. Physical therapy

Your physical therapist can suggest exercises that can retrain your feet and legs. They can also help you lower tightness and pressure in the hips. 

2. Watchful waiting

If the person is under 6 years old, watchful waiting is advised to observe if it resolves on its own. 

3. Surgery

Surgery can be recommended if there’s slipped capital femoral epiphysis or bone deformity. 

When should you see a doctor? 

You should see a doctor if you feel discomfort, pain, and lack of mobility. In case you have a child with duck feet, call a doctor if they limp or fall often. 

It is also good to see a physical therapist or doctor before you treat mild duck feet at home. With the help of a professional, you can determine whether your condition is caused by the outwardly turned femur, tibia, or muscle tightness. 

Your doctor can tell you the best exercises to fix your duck feet. So, you can bring back the proper alignment of your feet. 

Why normal feet alignment is important? 

If your feet are in correct alignment, they point straight ahead and parallel each other. Keep in mind that your feet are the foundation for the other parts of your body. 

Improper alignment of your feet can lead to stabilization problems in your body. It can wear your joints slowly and reduce your ability to perform your daily tasks. 

There’s also a chance that you may injure yourself. 

What are the causes of duck feet? 

Some common causes of duck feet among children include:

  • Being flat-footed
  • Family history of having the condition
  • Resting legs position during infancy
  • Fetal legs position in the uterus before birth

Some rare causes in children are:

  • Congenital bone deformity
  • Slipped capital femoral epiphysis, a hip condition that allows the ball at the top of the femur to slip backward

Some causes of duck feet among adults include:

  • Injury to the hip, leg, foot, or ankle
  • Poor posture
  • Muscle tightness in the hips or legs
  • Sedentary lifestyle which leads to anterior pelvic tilt
  • If you observe one or more of these symptoms, consult your chiropractor.


Duck feet is not a deadly condition; however, they can impact your body negatively. With this, you should immediately get it checked with your chiropractor. They can offer you effective solutions to bring back your proper foot alignment. 

Duck feet can be treated with consistency and time. Fixing your duck feet can also improve your overall health. Read out this guide to know about “Are Skechers Arch Fit Good for Plantar Fasciitis“.

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