Are Skechers Arch Fit Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

It features an insole with medial arch support allowing the plantar fascia tissue to relax. In this article we will answer the most asked Question “Are Skechers Arch Fit good for plantar fasciitis?”

The Skechers Arch Fit is among the most comfortable collections of the brand. It is a collection of walking shoes made with a similar platform (sole). 

The footwear can offer comfort wherein you can stand or walk all day. It was made for excellent performance and fashion needs.               

What is Skechers Arch Fit? 

The Skechers Arch Fit is a collection of comfortable walking shoes from the famous footwear brand. It has podiatrist-certified arch support making it an excellent comfort solution. 

What is Skechers Arch Fit

This collection has a supportive, removable cushioning insole system for the best walking experience. It has a perfect balance of cushioning and support. 

It can offer good foot guidance and provide unbeatable comfort all day. The model is a sporty walking sneaker with soft woven engineered knit mesh to increase breathability. 

The Skechers Arch Fit also comes with a flexible traction outsole which will not weigh you down. It is equipped with innovative technology and features to meet your comfort needs. If you want to use Crocs for Plantar Fasciitis then read out our guide.

What are the features of Skechers Arch Fit? 

Skechers Arch Fit has the following features.

1. Upper 

The Arch Fit has an athletic-textured, soft-woven, engineered knit-mesh fabric upper for excellent breathability. The hot-melt synthetic overlays at the instep, sides, heel, and toe, promote greater durability. 

2. Interior 

The shoes feature an insole system that has podiatrist-certified arch support. 

3. Outsole 

The outsole of the shoes has flexible rubber traction with synthetic panels for added structure and durability. 

4. Midsole 

The model also features a well-cushioned lightweight midsole. It comes with a resilient cushioning system for enhanced foot guidance. 

With its innovative features, the Arch Fit can be a good option for foot injuries such as plantar fasciitis. 

5. Technology

The Skechers Arch Fit features synthetic hot-melt overlays and woven textured engineered knit mesh. It also comes with shoe lining made of soft fabric and sleek synthetic panels. 

The shoes have stitching accents and Side S logo detail. It has a design of flex articulation and an outsole wraparound of contrasting colors to toe detail. 

You can also expect greater comfort while wearing these shoes since it has podiatrist-certified arch support. 

Who should use the Skechers Arch Fit? 

The Skechers Arch Fit is for those who need supportive and well-cushioned walking shoes for their daily activities. It is also suitable for people with flat feet or who have overpronation.

It is also beneficial for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis, thanks to its insole with medial arch support that can relax your plantar fascia tissue. 

If you want fashionable, comfortable, and high-performing walking shoes, Skechers Arch Fit got you covered. The shoes can be your perfect partner to perform your daily activities comfortably. 

The Skechers Arch Fit also has a roomy toe box upwards and sideways. In addition, there is no heel slippage. 

If you’re an athlete or looking for fashionable shoes that can provide excellent performance, the model is a good choice. 

What are the advantages of Skechers Arch Fit? 

Skechers Arch Fit has the following benefits:

  • Easy to maintain and durable
  • Comfortable, soft, and breathable
  • It fits right and is machine washable
  • It provides arch support and is a lightweight sneaker
  • High resistance to slip

Can you wash the Skechers Arch Fit? 

Yes, the Skechers Arch Fit is machine washable. So, it is easy to maintain. 

Is Skechers Arch Fit worth it? (Are Skechers Arch Fit Good for Plantar Fasciitis?)

Yes, the Skechers Arch Fit can provide good value for your money. It is a budget-friendly shoe that can offer you maximum comfort. With this, you can perform your daily activities without hassle. 

More importantly, it has an insole with medial arch support that relaxes your plantar fascia. It can be a good option for those who have plantar fasciitis. 

What should you look for in plantar fasciitis walking shoes?

If you have plantar fasciitis, you should look for the best and most comfortable walking shoes. With lots of options on the market, it can be challenging to choose the best for your needs. 

You can consider the tips below when buying walking shoes for plantar fasciitis:

  • Comfort
  • Wider forefoot space
  • Firm heel counter
  • Cushioning
  • Arch support
  • Removable insole
  • Durable sole with stability elements

Can you walk barefoot with plantar fasciitis? 

It is not advisable to walk barefoot if you have plantar fasciitis. If you have this foot condition, your plantar tendon is under too much pressure. 

With this, you may need the stability the shoes can provide to reduce pressure and pain. 

What can cause plantar fasciitis? 

Plantar fasciitis can have various causes. There are also several risk factors which include:

  • Pes planus (flat feet)
  • Obesity
  • Shortened Achilles tendon
  • Pes cavus (high-arched feet)
  • Overpronation
  • Weak plantar flexor muscles
  • Weak intrinsic foot muscles
  • Limited ankle dorsiflexion
  • Poor footwear
  • De-conditioning
  • Hard surface
  • Poor alignment or biomechanics
  • Lack of stretching
  • Prolonged weight bearing
  • Walking barefoot
What can cause plantar fasciitis

Can you wear running shoes for walking with plantar fasciitis? 

You can wear running shoes if you do quick walks, but you should be aware of how your feet feel. If you want for casual walks, you may need shoes that are specially made for walking. 

Remember that wearing properly fitted shoes is essential to prevent your plantar fasciitis from worsening. 

What will happen if you leave plantar fasciitis untreated?

If you leave your plantar fasciitis untreated, you can experience chronic pain. It can also result in pain in the other parts of your body. 

So, it is better to treat your plantar fasciitis as soon as possible to avoid acute pain and discomfort. With this, you can also improve your life quality. 


To sum it up, Skechers Arch Fit is good for plantar fasciitis. It can offer support to reduce the pain you feel due to the foot condition. It is a comfortable walking shoe that allows you to move without adding pressure to your injured foot.  If you want to know about Oofos, you can check our article “Are Oofos Good for Plantar Fasciitis!” 

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