5 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet (Plus Insoles) to Prevent Injury

People with flat feet have virtually no arches to help absorb the shock from standing, walking, or running. The issue can lead to stress on the joints and ligaments of the foot, especially if you don’t wear shoes with the proper support. Walking and running can exacerbate pain and increase the risk of injury, but the best running shoes for flat feet may help support flat feet by absorbing shock. Specially-designed insoles can also provide additional shock absorption for those who need it.

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5 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

1. Saucony Guide 7 (5 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet)

The Saucony Guide 7 is a lace-up running shoe that may provide excellent stability for flat feet. These are the best overall in Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet. A dual-layer of SSL EVA foam gives your feet the firm support they need with an extra layer of comfort on top. These shoes have two midfoot pods that offer strong support where you need it most to prevent pronation as you run.

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To keep your feet feeling dry as you run, Saucony Guide 7 has a moisture-wicking collar that will keep some sweat from your shoes.


  • Moisture-wicking collar helps control wetness and odors
  • True-to-size
  • Recommended for plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and other conditions that require extra support and stability for pronation


  • Sole may not stand up to long-term use on rough terrains
  • Narrower than some shoes, even in wide width

2. Nike Lunarglide 8 (5 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet)

Aside from being incredibly stylish, the Nike Lunarglide 8 running shoes are made mostly with breathable mesh to keep your feet dry even during your most active moments. These Nike Lunarglide 8 are the Runner-up in the list of Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet. Plus, there lightweight and flexible for a smooth run that works with your feet. The Lunarlon foam creates a comfortable, supportive cushion to absorb shock, even on the longest runs.

Nike Lunarglide 8 shoes have molded pods that can help absorb shock and move it throughout the shoe to keep your joints and ligaments feeling their best.


  • Huge selection of colors
  • Rubber sole can offer excellent grip on a variety of terrains
  • Flywire cables throughout the shoe help hold its shape while keeping it lightweight and comfortable


  • May take a while to break in for a comfortable run entirely
  • Some customers find them comfortable for running, but not for walking or standing

3. Brooks Beast 16 (5 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet)

If you have flat feet and need wide or extra wide widths, Brooks Beast 16 running shoes may be the perfect fit. These shoes check all the marks for best shoes for flat feet, including a comfortable insole that can reduce shock, a specially-designed midsole for improved flexibility, and an internal system that acts as a shank to maintain shape and support the foot.

And, with a breathable upper mesh, the Brooks Beast 16 running shoes can keep your feet feeling cool and comfortable, while also protecting them from the water.


  • Specifically designed to prove support for overpronation
  • The gripping, rubber sole is best for running on roads
  • Reinforced toe area with rubber sole for long-lasting durability


  • Limited color options
  • Shoes may run smaller than others

4. Asics GEL-Kayano 23 (5 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet)

The perfect mix of style, durability, support, and comfort, Asics GEL-Kayano 23 is a favorite among both men and women in their respective styles. This newer Kayano model provides excellent support for flat feet, thanks to its specially-designed internal support system. The shoes hold their shape in the heel and toes to keep your feet in place while offering flexibility for comfort and injury prevention.


  • Special FluidFit upper technology provides the ultimate flexibility by conforming to the foot
  • Uses an Impact Guidance System to keep the foot in proper placement for running to avoid pronation
  • Extra gel placement in the toe and heel areas provide optimal shock absorption for flat feet


  • May be narrow in the toe area, even in wide widths
  • May not hold up to long-term usage

5. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 (5 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet)

With designs for both men and women, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 running shoes provide the cushion and stability necessary for flat feet. These running shoes are best for use on the road. With breathable mesh panels on the sides and upper part of the shoes, your feet can stay cool and comfortable.

These shoes also offer plenty of strong cushion inside to absorb shock from running. Plus, the full-length Crash Pad creates smooth transitions from your heel to your toe.


  • Tri-density midsole creates optimal support for flat feet to avoid pronation
  • Padded collar and tongue offer added comfort for prolonged use
  • Foam insole is removable if desired
  • Wide widths available


  • Some customers say that these run small compared to other shoes
  • Narrow room in the toe area

5 Best Insoles for Flat Feet

1. Powerstep Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles

The Powerstep Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles is designed for flat feet to get the arch support they need, with perfectly-placed support near the inner mid-sole to prevent pronation. The heel gently cradles your foot to keep it from moving, whether you stand, walk, or exercise through the day.

The insoles have a top layer of anti-microbial fabric to prevent bacteria and odors from taking hold of your insoles. You won’t need to trim these, either. The flexible insoles are rigid enough for good support but will bend to conform to your shoes.

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  • Extra support in the heel that provides absorption from impact
  • Adjust to each pair of shoes easily without trimming
  • Provides arch support ideal for flat feet


  • Moderate cushioning may not be enough for some
  • May move the foot up enough that shoes become uncomfortable on the upper part of the foot

2. Nazaroo Orthotic Insoles

Nazaroo Orthotic Insoles come in men and women’s sizes and may be a good option for those with flat feet who need support, but also want incredible cushioning. These insoles provide excellent arch support and keep your heel in a deep cradle for motion control during walking or running. You’ll also benefit from a built-in latex pad that can help control shock absorption.


  • Specially made for flat feet and overpronation
  • Built-in arch and cradling heel offer stability and support
  • Flexible enough to fit most shoes


  • Some find the arch support uncomfortable
  • May run a bit small

3. Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx

Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx insoles are one of the firmest ones on this list, but they’re ideal for severe pronators. The rugged outer shell keeps the shape of the insoles while giving you the support you need in your heel and arch to prevent injury, pain, and joint issues. The cushion gives you comfort in the right places, and the anti-microbial layer whisks away moisture as you go about your day.


  • Come in men and women’s sizes
  • Will likely fit most pairs of shoes without trimming
  • Fabric helps control moisture and regulate temperature


  • May not withstand long-term wear and tear as well as others
  • Runs smaller than some

4. Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles

For a higher arch support than most insoles give, you can try the Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles. These have a 4-inch heel for those with severely flat feet to benefit from extra support. With an additional stabilizer cap near the rear of the shoe, your feet stay in place, and your insoles maintain their durability. You can trim along the toes, if needed, to fit your shoes, but the insoles will fit most pairs.


  • Natural, vegan-safe coating combats germs and odors
  • Deep and wide heel for comfort and motion control
  • Maintains shape to provide maximum support long-term


  • You may need a roomier shoe to accommodate your feet with these insoles
  • May not have enough cushion for some

5. Pure Stride Orthotics

Pure Stride Orthotics insoles come in designs for both men and women. What makes these insoles different from others is that they’re made with four layers to help prevent bacteria from spreading, provide long-lasting comfort, and give you the arch and foot support you need to prevent pain and injury. The high-heel design can provide pain relief from flat feet, especially in the heel area.


  • Four layers of support and comfort
  • Exact fit for most
  • Recommended by many podiatrists to help several foot-related issues, like flat feet


  • Non-roomy shoes may feel uncomfortable on the upper part with these insoles
  • May need to size your foot with your podiatrist to ensure proper fit

Our Criteria for Reviewing the Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

The best running shoes, in general, may not be the best running shoes for flat feet. Flat feet need special support to prevent pronation, or the inward position flat feet often take when you stand, walk, or run. The best shoes for flat feet will keep your feet and ankles in an optimal position to prevent pain and injury. The following criteria were the most important factors to us in determining the best running shoes for flat feet:

Motion Control and Stability

Motion control refers to a shoe’s ability to hold a strong shape to prevent your feet from pronating as you run. Running shoes with extra side and upper support specifically designed to control the movement of your feet may prevent pain and injury for flat-footed runners. The idea behind motion control is to provide stability in the feet and ankles so you can be at the top of your game.

Shock Absorption

Since flat feet cant absorb much shock on their own, its especially important for your running shoes to do it. Runners are at risk for several injuries, like runners knee and shin splints, which are more likely with flat feet. Shoes with proper shock absorption in the overall design and inner cushion can relieve the shock placed on your joints to prevent injuries when running.

Flexibility and Comfort

The comfort level of your running shoes is of the utmost importance, regardless of the shape of your feet. Much of the comfort that comes from your running shoes rely on their flexibility to move with your feet as you run. The best running shoes for flat feet should provide plenty of support for motion control and stability while balancing those factors with adequate flexibility and comfort for extended wear.

How Can the Right Insoles Help?

Sometimes, you can get excellent support from running shoes, but they dont always have the necessary comfort and shock absorption where your feet are placed. The best insoles for flat feet can keep your foot further stabilized in your shoes, especially if you have a little wiggle room in them. A few important things to look for in the best insoles for flat feet are:


You can cut some insoles down a bit to fit properly in your shoes, whereas others need to stay in the exact size they were made to prevent any damage to their design. You may want to consider getting your foot sized by an employee at a shoe store, or by your doctor, before purchasing insoles for flat feet. If they don’t fit snugly within your shoe, then you may have an increased risk of injury when you run.

Arch Support

For flat feet, it’s important to have an insole that will prevent pronation so that your feet stay in the proper position when running or walking to prevent damage to your joints and ligaments. Most insoles designed especially for flat feet will have more support on the inner part of your foot than the outer part to keep your ankle in a neutral position, rather than rolled inward.


Just like running or walking shoes, not all insoles are equal. You may need to spend a little more money to get the proper insoles for flat feet that stand up to normal, everyday wear and tear. When an insole loses its shape, it no longer can support your foot properly.

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If you run, you can wear out insoles quicker than you can when walking. Insoles made from rigid materials may stand up to running better than very flexible insoles. Plus, they’ll provide extra arch support for a longer time. Absorbent designs are good choices for runners to help withstand a lot of sweat over time and whisk away moisture from your feet.

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